George M. Prince

George M. Prince was the co-founder of Synectics©, Inc., the company that initiated research into the creative process and then became the leading teacher of inventors for business and industry. As the longtime chairman of Synectics, he and his partners originated the idea of videotaping invention groups to learn how the process of invention occurred. Based on their discoveries, they developed courses in creativity and innovation that have been taught all over the world. In 1970, Prince published one of the early books about the process: The Practice of Creativity, (Harper and Row, 1970). It became a best-selling trade book.

Mr. Prince grew up in Rochester, New York and went to Exeter and Williams, where he graduated with honors. In World War II, he was an officer in the Navy and served on a destroyer escort in company with an aircraft carrier on anti-submarine operations in the North Atlantic.

After the war, he joined an advertising company in Rochester and rose to be executive vice-president. He became fascinated with the process of getting ideas and when he heard of a creative experiment in the Arthur D. Little Consulting Company in Cambridge, Massachusettes, he joined as co-manager of their Invention Design Group. In 1960 he, together with three other members of the Invention Design Group, left ADL to start their own company, focusing on research into the creative process.

Mr. Prince lived in Winchester, MA with his first wife, the former Marjorie Morrison of Winnetka, Illinois, and their three children, Jonathan, Winthrop and Victoria. Mrs. Prince died in 1974.

In 1989, he married Kathleen Logan and they moved to Weston, Massachusettes.

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